My opinion for today …

I think we should all become farmers work hard and eat and live off whatever we ourselves produce instead of getting greedy and importing while sitting on our ass’s saying we work hard when all we do is sit at a desk destroying the world more then complain about it or wait for job seekers allowance for doing nothing and just draining the resources we do have but yet didn’t work for whats happened to the world we have become so stupid in our need to evolve to make the world better and easier. Well life isn’t better or easier we now have war’s, greed, poverty (because our greedy ass’s don’t wanna give our fellow human being what they deserve when we sit on our ass’s and they work damn hard) we shouldn’t do this. We follow the crowd so much barely any of us is willing to change knowing full well it wont make an impact but this is what society has made. A lazy generation that has everything but wants more… im in it…. and i am ashamed to be a human!

Glenn reveiw- Singer, Ireland

I came across Glenn through a networking site where we discussed our musical interests. He gave me samples of music he wrote such as ‘Years of mistrust’ and ‘Paper street’. I listened to both songs and believe that Glenn has alot of potential with a good vocal range and unique voice. I determined that his  voice was educated but husky as his accent shined through his vocals. His melodys are influential and can effect the listener in a positive or negative way. The songs reflect on life and hardships but also speak of what is to come. The tone of Glenns voice becomes unnatural and unique when he combines unlikely cords to create a better effect on the listener. The lyrics are reflective and enduces empathy with the songwriter but in a more lighter contrast to a Author and in a more friendly atmosphered song.  Addmittedly pitchy in some places and room for improvement but this unpolished gem  fills me with hope that talent is still out there.

Is dominoes actually any good ?

Who likes Dominoes? I do but i cannot understand how so many advertisements and companies promote healthy eating but as soon as it comes to the winter season or gets a little bit colder than usual binge eating is on the cards! I had a Dominoes pizza and to be completely honest i could have got the exact same pizza £5-6 cheaper and 20% hotter then what i got. Dominoes is so overated as the pizza on the advert has been made to look 10 times better then the actual product. Im sure there is a law against advertising the quality of a product different to what you recieve. Its not just dominoes. Places such as Subway have had this issue alongside Macdonalds and Burgerking. Some have either adjusted their advertisement while others have increased the quality of the product. It is not just restaurants. Products such as Chicago town pizza’s over advertise their product. When i tried these pizza’s they tasted like cardboard and looked like something you would find in a garbage bin outside a restaurant. Its not something unedable but i would advise against it.

By Melody Leavey

Pornographic influence? More than just adult entertainment

Our nation has grown more sex obsessed over the past 20 years from the dramatic advertisement of porn and porn websites. This fantacy has originated from sex scenes in movies and have now generated a big enough audience which have been invested in more due to the ‘hard to trace’ link to porn and free porn sites. This obsession with sex has dominated the majority of the public. As a young child in the UK i have learnt more about the sexual nature of programmes and sites that the generations before me have no clue of. The sexual industry has increased by over 20% with various shops opening such as ‘Anne summers.’ The porn industry has become more compact and transportable with the easily accessed laptops and made more untraceable by browsing history being deleted as an option on all computors. Sites have become more publicised such as ‘Bluetube’ and ‘Redtube’ along with the more well known sites such as ‘Pornhub’. Some people defend the sites saying it’s an easier way to help female/male sex drives without a partner cheating but if this is the case then why cant you talk to your partner and arrange either councilling or have a chat with them to find out what he/she wants. Porn shouldn’t be displayed in the manner that it is because it is now easier to access by younger kids and anyone with access to a computor. Some sites do not have an age barrier which i believe is wrong. But parents argue that they cannot check everything their child is on and also not everyone can have parent locks on their computors. I understand this point of veiw and understand this but i believe that with these sites they shouldn’t be accessed that easily for example through ‘Google’ and ‘Youtube’. Programmes on Tv should also be set back later; instead of them being on at 10-11:00pm they should be delayed to 12:00am or accesible through a pin set channel set aside from normal tv pin if one is already in place for general channels. I believe this because channels such as ‘Sexcetera’ can be accesable during hours where young children with short sleeping periods are awake. Adults have a right to please themselves but if they are willing to do so then they should be willing to put more time into accesing it. Porn doesn’t only affect the mental drive and sexual style of a growing child it can also dammage their confidence and emotional state due to the standard of ‘perfectness’ of sites and newspapers. I do not wish it to be banned but restriction is neccesary!

By Melody Leavey

This word ‘LOVE’

Have you ever loved somebody so much that you cry so much when they leave there is no more tears left? That when you finally think you are over them but when you hear a song that emphasises the pain of the relationship the love and dislike spirals out of control again. You imagine them being with you and you remmember the quirky memories that you shared between the two of you and you hope the other half think the same things about you; even though you know that it is unlikley. People think you are to young to understand love but you know you understand love as much as anyone. You love every little part of them even if they lie so much that you dont know what they really are telling is the truth but it doesn’t matter because you forgive them for just being the person they are. I know i am only 15 and my defenition of love is under-developed but i know people have felt it. If not they wouldn’t make songs such as ‘love the way you lie’ by Rihnnah or ‘Pyramid’ by charice . No-one can have that much insight to love without feeling something similar.

Love isnt always violent but it is a struggle; if it wasn’t how would you know its love. Nothing is as good or as bad as songs have made it out to be. Love is simply a neutral feeling of complete equalness and effection. If you have violence then it cannot be love as the very balence of love will be knocked by even the thought of harming the other person. Its almost like a bond that if it breaks then so do you. It is human instinct to protect yourself. This is why the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘souls intertwined’ come from. Love has no happy ending, i believe there is no true end to love as it continues from generation to generation no matter what.

By Melody Leavey

Jury duty

The question i put to you is that is a jury actually effective to reach a appropriate verdict in a court case?  Some believe that a jury is key to find an appropriate verdict because there is more than one opinion over a case. Others believe that there is too much conflict and unneccesary danger in the jury’s quarters and in the outside world after a case. Some personal grudges may be held outside the courtroom and cause risk to any member of the jury that has taken part. Also there may be a risk of personal details leaked to the media or others that have been affected by the court case; outside influence can result in a wrong conviction also a lack of evidence resulting in causing a jury to still convict with the uncertianty of their actions. It is general human right to help the justice system. In some people’s opinions with the bias barristers there needs to be an un-influenced groap of people to give the maximum chance of succesfull convictions. So should the courts always have a jury if this is the case? It is possible to have a jury for all cases but some prove to be lengthy which may not benefit from a jury and will take up people’s time which otherwise may not be needed. Only serious cases truly benefit from jury services and prove succesful, that is why jury service is instigated in the major cases or defendents pleading not guilty such as murders, abuse, assult and robbery that have appeared in magistrates court and pleaded not guilty which then is followed by crown court. Everyone has a right to a jury but this may not be neccesary as a conviction can be made without.